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Gravston Chapter 11 Cover by Rogo-the-Golden-Boy Gravston Chapter 11 Cover :iconrogo-the-golden-boy:Rogo-the-Golden-Boy 2 0 Forbidden Lovers by Rogo-the-Golden-Boy Forbidden Lovers :iconrogo-the-golden-boy:Rogo-the-Golden-Boy 3 7 Gravston Chapter 10 Cover by Rogo-the-Golden-Boy Gravston Chapter 10 Cover :iconrogo-the-golden-boy:Rogo-the-Golden-Boy 3 0 Gravston Chapter 9 Cover by Rogo-the-Golden-Boy Gravston Chapter 9 Cover :iconrogo-the-golden-boy:Rogo-the-Golden-Boy 3 0 Gravston Chapter 8 Cover by Rogo-the-Golden-Boy Gravston Chapter 8 Cover :iconrogo-the-golden-boy:Rogo-the-Golden-Boy 2 4 Gravston Chapter 7 Cover by Rogo-the-Golden-Boy Gravston Chapter 7 Cover :iconrogo-the-golden-boy:Rogo-the-Golden-Boy 2 0 Gravston Chapter 6 Cover by Rogo-the-Golden-Boy Gravston Chapter 6 Cover :iconrogo-the-golden-boy:Rogo-the-Golden-Boy 1 0 Chapter 5 Cover by Rogo-the-Golden-Boy Chapter 5 Cover :iconrogo-the-golden-boy:Rogo-the-Golden-Boy 6 0 Chapter 4 Cover by Rogo-the-Golden-Boy Chapter 4 Cover :iconrogo-the-golden-boy:Rogo-the-Golden-Boy 3 4 Sketch-a-Day 91 - Demon Bear by Rogo-the-Golden-Boy Sketch-a-Day 91 - Demon Bear :iconrogo-the-golden-boy:Rogo-the-Golden-Boy 1 0 Sketch-a-Day 90 - Demon Monkey by Rogo-the-Golden-Boy Sketch-a-Day 90 - Demon Monkey :iconrogo-the-golden-boy:Rogo-the-Golden-Boy 1 0 Sketch-a-Day 089 - Demon Tiger by Rogo-the-Golden-Boy Sketch-a-Day 089 - Demon Tiger :iconrogo-the-golden-boy:Rogo-the-Golden-Boy 2 0 Chapter 3 Cover by Rogo-the-Golden-Boy Chapter 3 Cover :iconrogo-the-golden-boy:Rogo-the-Golden-Boy 2 0 Sketch-a-Day 088 - Demon Snake by Rogo-the-Golden-Boy Sketch-a-Day 088 - Demon Snake :iconrogo-the-golden-boy:Rogo-the-Golden-Boy 3 1 Sketch-a-Day 087 - Tiger Study by Rogo-the-Golden-Boy Sketch-a-Day 087 - Tiger Study :iconrogo-the-golden-boy:Rogo-the-Golden-Boy 2 0 Sketch-a-Day 086 - Coulrophobia by Rogo-the-Golden-Boy Sketch-a-Day 086 - Coulrophobia :iconrogo-the-golden-boy:Rogo-the-Golden-Boy 2 0


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Gravston Chapter 11 Cover
One of the biggest changes to the reboot of Gravston is the central romance of the story. This wasn't planned, but evolved organically in a strange way. 

When putting together the reboot, I wanted to have Samuel's bisexuality (something always a part of his character but never highlighted) be something important. I wanted to have it brought up by mentioning a previous relationship with Tan. It was meant to be throw away, but then the idea germinated in my head. Suddenly all these conflicts and storylines came up, as well as some interesting character ideas for Tan himself.

Slowly I realised that this relationship was one I found too interesting to shove off to the sidelines. I wanted to put it front and centre.

How it develops, I'm still not sure, but I am very, very excited with some of the ideas I have coming up.

Just goes to show how adding a little touch can open up lots of avenues for ideas.

You can read Gravston on or Smackjeeves.
Forbidden Lovers
Hidden in the forest is a tower...

Hidden in the tower is a love that cannot be explained...

And it's stepping out into the light...

Read Gravston on or Smackjeeves.
Gravston Chapter 9 Cover
Been a while since I uploaded these.

Let's get crackin'

You can read Gravston at
Gravston Chapter 8 Cover
Really proud of how this came out XD

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James Roy
Artist | Professional | Varied
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My name is James Roy I’m a UK-based freelance artist. If you’re in need of logo designs, cover designs, editorial content or anything else illustration or art related hit me up!

Chapter 3 Cover by Rogo-the-Golden-Boy

Gravston Chapter 3: One Man Show

“Samuel finds himself facing off with a mysterious girl over a dagger than create demons. Unfortunately, this little conflict gets a lot messier once yet another clown turns up demanding his property back. Can Samuel get this mess straightened out?”

Read Gravston on

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Kiri711 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 19, 2017
Hi there, I just wanted to say I love Gravston, I found it right after graduating and was instantly hooked, a few months back I became so distort when I could no longer find it online, On a whim I decide to look up Gravston two days ago in hopes of maybe being able to purchase it when I suddenly came across the very active website.

Of course I was extremely excited to reread it and was surprised with the changes made (I may have read all 10 chapters last night :P)  but I gotta say I love it, Tan and Michael are my two favorite characters and to see Tan in a more prominent role was extremely exciting! 

So I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to get introduced to this amazing world twice!
Rogo-the-Golden-Boy Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2017  Professional General Artist
Haha! I'm glad you're enjoying the reboot! Little surprised to hear you say you read all 10 chapters when there are 12 available atm xD I just haven't put the covers on da (I'm forgetful) so please do check them out on or Smackjeeves! XD

And I'm happy to hear you like Tan, he was a character that I really enjoyed but never got much fan attention, so it's always nice to hear! :)
Kiri711 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2017
Oops my bad I am caught up on Smackjeeves by the Time I had caught entirely it was like 3am so I must have lost count of how many chapters I read but I am caught up!

in the original I was so distort when Tan was going to get in shit with the elves but it made me laugh so hard when his parents found out he was dating a guy there was a moment of severity and then suddenly both are just like what's his name? How did you two meet? Etc.

i was a little confused on why the vampire twins were after Michael in the original? If you don't mind my asking and of course so long as it doesn't spoil anything in this new verison, what was that about exactly?
Rogo-the-Golden-Boy Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2017  Professional General Artist
Haha I like to subvert expectations from time time with stuff like the Tan situation.

As for your question, it actually *doesn't* spoil anything in the new version to answer this. Essentially they weren't XD Orange had sent them to deliver a message and Michael worked out what they were - vampires - so they knocked him out before he could say anything. The twins were kinda acting on themselves by doing this as Orange had literally only ordered them to deliver a message. That's the trouble with people like that I suppose.

That said, I can see the confusion as Orange had highlighted Michael at the end of the chapter. This was probably a bad idea on my side but it was essentially highlighting that Orange considered Michael someone who matched his own intellect and would make a good 'player 2' so to speak (remember his whole thing about 'playing a game against yourself is boring?)

So that's the answer XD
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battlecruiser006 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017
DerplyHiggins Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Happy birthday!!
have an amazing day <3
battlecruiser006 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2016
BlackRaven101 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2016   Digital Artist
Happy Birthday :cake: Party 
battlecruiser006 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2016
Greetings from America (I hear it's wonderful in the UK.)
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